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Real Life Stories


A few years ago a young man left University with a brilliant Degree. His future looked bright then suddenly there was a change in his character.

He became semi reclusive all this became a shock to his family because he had such plans after he had finished his studies.

Then the family moved house whilst he was still living at home although he had planned to leave and have his own place. On moving to the new address the young man refused to join the family. Instead he walked out of the house on the day of moving and disappeared. The family reported him missing as he was vulnerable, not terribly street wise, and had never done anything like it before.

However a member of the family saw him days later and the family were able to keep an eye on his movement. The mother and father and other member of the family were driving from place to place looking out for him.

Presence of the Magpie

When he was approached he didn’t want to speak to anyone and refused to come near the new address.

In the meantime there were days when he wasn’t seen, the mother she would cry and the father and brother were heart broken, no one could tolerate a proper meal or even relax. Then one morning as the mother looked out her bedroom window she saw a Magpie Bird just sitting looking at the kitchen door. She laughed and remember what the young man once said one for luck, two for joy.

Then every morning around the same time the Magpie would arrive by the back door and just sit there.

The mother drove up and down early morning and late at night with a flask of hot drink and sandwiches for him to eat. The young man refused them in the beginning when she saw him he would keep his distant , but her heart was glad as she saw he was okay. He was living, sleeping and eating rough.

Then one day it dawned on the mother that every where she went, the Magpie went before her. She started to pay more attention to the bird’s presence.

On leaving her house the bird flew before her car. Where ever she arrived, there was the Magpie in clear view. She would sit and waiting hoping to see her son, no sighting but always she would watch the direction which the Magpie flew in and she would follow and lo and behold the young man would be around that area and she would see him.

She then realised this bird was a spiritual bird sent to guide her to her son’s location. God works in mysterious way his wonders to perform.

Also although she goes to her own Church C/E she would go into another Church R/C and sit and pray and every time God heard her pray and saw her tears and when leaving she would take directions as if planned and there before her would be the young man.

Eventually they started talking and would eat a take away in her car. After he would get out and go on his walks to ??? Where. Although she was glad for those precious moment, she would drive home tears running down her face and a heart so heavy unable to believe what has taken place.

But Prayer was the key to all. The young man is now in temporary accommodation at the mothers expense simply because he refused to ask for state benefit help. On this the mother says with the Presence of the Magpie, God truly sent a Spiritual help that only she can explain.