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Breathing Difficulties

This could be a lifesaver, always keep Olbas oil and Vicks in your cupboard and also menthol crystal at all times!

If anyone finds it hard to breathe just put 10 drops of Olbas oil or a teaspoon of Vicks in a bowl of boiling water beside them, it helps to stimulate the bronchiles.

Do call an ambulance whilst awaiting the arrival the steam inhalation could be helpful. Also a sprinkle of menthol crystal in the palm of your hands with a little vicks or olive oil can be helpful with the breathing.

Mummy’s tip –

Just rub this across the chest and across the back, the results can be good.

Breathing difficulties

Covid19 / Coronavirus

Coronavirus is Airborne?

Tips for Covid19

This virus is in the dust.

  1. Wearing a mask to stop inhaling the dust.
  2. Keep away from crowds.
  3. Wash hands at all times with soap.
  4. Clean all door knobs and service tops.
  5. Wipe your shopping with bacterial wipes before packing away shopping.
  6. If you have to visits the hospital wash your clothes once back home.

Mummy’s tip –

(Help keep yourself safe)

  1. Fresh ginger take a piece scrape off the skin, crush and then wash and put into a small sauce pan and boil for 3 mins then squeeze some lemon juice cool to warm and drink it help to keep you safe, add honey if need.
  2. If you have a cough place a pillow on a stool and lean over on your hands and cough or let someone just give a few taps so you can get the mucus out of your lung. By coughing.
  3. By all means call your G.P. (Doctor) speak to him take your temperature. If 37°C or over let your Doctor know. Take in oral fluid to keep hydrated.
  4.  Health workers do not wear your uniforms home and have a shower or bath after work.
  5. Most likely we’re all carriers of the virus. The virus is in the dust.
  6. Dialling health helpline is a good idea but the system needs to be readdressed.

This deadly virus is travelling and leaving lots of symptoms memory being affected walking balance is wobbly body weakness it is as if this awful virus remains in the body.
Do drink warn water before going to bed and first thing in the morning to wash away unpleasant contents. A warning to all please! try and stock up the cupboards as best you can in case the winter a head sees a return of this virus.
Keep lemons honey ginger in doors and bay leaf so you can boil to make a drink at least twice a day it will help to keep the virus away.
The virus is in the dust the whole world is in a frightful state. Corona virus is beyond human control. It is travelling in the atmospheric winds.
If it was found in a few countries help would have been found but it is impossible to cure????? It seems at present.

©copyright 22/09/2020.

Dental Treatment

Recently I had dental treatment. I was prescribed Antibiotics to take for three days to clear up an infection. The pharmacist dispensed them in a little white box with the doctor’s instructions on the label on how to take the medicine. There was no instructions in the box (literature) about what the tablets were or what side effects if any to observe.

Mummy’s tip –

I say always ask the pharmacist for a leaflet/s so you can read up about what you’re taking. Pharmaceutical companies please supply extra leaflets when small amount of tablets have to be put into small containers.

Dental Treatment tips


This is the day the Lord has made Rejoice and be glad you’re in it.

Tips for WrinklesGirls, Women & Men

Prevent wrinkles from developing around the eyes and bags from forming under the eyes.

All the expensive creams and lotions feels good but long term there is only one product which every girl woman and man should keep among your facial collection of treatments,  Petroleum Jelly: White Vaseline.

Petroleum Jelly: White Vaseline

Rids your face of wrinkles and bags under the eyes. For your day time treatment you may use all your choice creams and lotions.

Directions for use:-

  • Cleanse the facial skin and neck with luke warm water using a mild soap on a cleansing pad
  • Then splash with cold tap water and pat dry
  • Place a small amount of petroleum jelly on the tips of your fingers and gently massage over the face
  • Now with the tips of the middle finger start at the centre of the eyebrows and gently move the finger tip around the eyes with an inward stroke towards the nose up the bridge of the nose onto the forehead and into the hair line towards the ears
  • Repeat this about six times at nights
  • Massage the lower face with a small amount of petroleum jelly with the tips of your fingers from the side of your nose and your mouth gently
  • Massage towards your ears about six times at nights.

Results:- This help to prevent wrinkles forming around the eyes and lines on the forehead and horrible bags under the eyes.

Mummy’s tip –

Botox and skin tucks can become a thing of the past – Petroleum jelly (white vaseline) can be your best friend 🙂

Saggy Body

Helps prevent sagging breast in women :-

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) protects the skin in many ways: Firms the skin.

Young women should start protecting their breast from early years, especially when child bearing begins. Petroleum jelly helps prevent soreness around and under the breast and under layers of fat.

Directions for use :-

  • Place a small amount of Vaseline in the palm of your hands and gently massage
  • each breast about twice a day, best times are first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • Petroleum jelly is also good to massage stretch marks on skin after child birth.
Helps prevent sagging legs :-

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can help protect sagging looking legs.

  • Just place a small amount of Vaseline in the palm of your hands and massage each front and back of your leg twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • By doing this the Petroleum jelly – white Vaseline helps to stop the skin from stretching excessively.


Petroleum Jelly White Vaseline

Almond Oil Treatments

Almond Oil


A bottle of Almond Oil should be in every household cupboard. If scabs appears on the scalp from hair products or cradle caps appears on young babies scalp this treatment is second to none.

Mummy’s tip –

Soak the scalp with Almond Oil and cover the head overnight with a scarf.

The following morning remove the scarf using a fine to medium tooth comb to comb the hair through removing the loose scabs.

Repeat about three nights then gently shampoo hair with a mild shampoo and dry.

Continue with normal products. Soak the scalp with Almond Oil and cover the head overnight with a scarf.

Painful Arthritis Joints

Painful joints: back, shoulder, knees and hips


1 Teaspoon Epsom salts ( Magnesium Sulphate B.P)
1 Teaspoon brown vinegar
1 Pint warm water ( As warm as bearable)
1 Wash cloth
½ Teaspoon ground nutmeg
½ Teaspoon ground cayenne powder
30 mls Castor oil

Directions for use:-

Put Epsom salts and vinegar in a small bowl. Soak the wash cloth and squeeze and place on the painful joint, repeat a couple of times. Pat dry the area and massage with the blended treatment:-


Put the ground nutmeg and the ground cayenne powder in a saucer or small empty container and add 30mls of Castor oil, mix well. Then massage all painful areas.

Mummy’s tip –

The results are good – Just try it!


Blocked Nostrils

Poor breathing due to blocked nostril; wheezy?

Peppermint for a blocked nose


2 Crystal of Menthol crystal (Chemist)
1 Teaspoon of Vicks Vapour Rub
6 Drops of peppermint (Essential)
6 Drops of Eucalyptus (Essential)

Directions for use:-

Using a medium size bowl, add ONE of the above into the bowl. Pour 1 pint of boiling water in and place the bowl in the corner of the room or near the head of the bed until the steam goes.

Mummy’s tip –

Results = Easier breathing: A good night sleep.

Hair Bumps

If you find a small hair bump in your head and it remains there for months. Sometimes painful when touch with a comb or brush. Ask your doctor to look at it. He/she may give you some ointment or say nothing to worry about.

Mummy’s tip –

If it doesn’t go away and remains, ask to be referred to a Dermatologist because it could be more than just a hair bump.

Being Unwell

Mummy’s tip –

Mummy’s Tips has provided this audio file to give you advice regarding being unwell (click to listen).

Play this audio file


Mummy’s tip –

Mummy’s Tips has provided this audio file to give you advice regarding being unwell (click to listen).

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Mummy’s tip –

If you develop Cellutitis a very simple cure is at hand. Buy a small pot of coconut oil from your chemist. Have a warm bath or shower then put a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of your hand/s and message it into the swollen area 3 times daily, some people gets relief results. Otherwise seek your Doctor’s advice.