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This selection of poems is the first of many works, specially arranged, and have been edited and approved by the author. They are insightful, heartfelt pieces on both the cheerful and somber sides of daily existence. All poems are copyrighted in 1993.

Mummys Poems

1: If Only

If only I’d known, she’d tell another,

Privacy we shared, conversation and all,

I’d have been discreet.

If only I’d thought before I’d spoken,

My tongue I’d held a secret so dare

I’d withheld.

If only I’d thought of damages which followed,

No one would have heard a spoken word

If only, If only!

Mummys Poems

2: Depression

Feeling depressed, then read the book,

Foolish it may sound, but refreshing it is

It eases the mind to know there are others with problems like yours

Such a relief, play the music

Let memories flow, it relieves depression

Mummys Poems

3: Rare Quality

The hyacinth on the window sill, white and pure carried a precious look,

A rare species of flower, different from others,

So was the nurse whose quality that rare flower gave,

Relaxed, she would explain your problems,

What to expect, before and after,

Her quality was rare and precious too.

Mummys Poems

4: Only One World

Who said a third world? I only heard of one,

At the time of creation one foundation was made,

Yet man’s created his own

Oh! Why is that? Our creator said

He was not of this world

But permission wasn’t given to create another,

So what he has done by creating a “third world”

When the day of judgement come?

Mummys Poems

5: What Is Life

Life’s a journey through time, has its ups and downs,

Its preparations were made from the conceiving time,

May it be our destiny of what lies ahead,

Nothing is new it had to come,

Be it a victory, be it a tragedy,

It was our map for our travel through time,

The beginning and the end.

Mummys Poems

6: A Lonely Bird

I saw a loner in black from my window sill,

Perched on a branch looking left and right,

But nothing could I do the branch so high,

I could not reach listening to his noises,

So slight but calling for help,

He was lost, left behind,

In the dust of night,

A lonely feathered friend.