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Information Tips

Information tips

Please, please all people out after dark and wearing dark clothing should have a reflective stripe on the clothing so many people step out at the last minute busy looking at the phones without thinking to look left and right.

Information tips

When you purchase a product and your bill has a warranty, photo copy your bill because its quality starts to fade after a while then your claim becomes invalid.

Information tips

To purchase a product is easy a promise of one year guarantee, yet if a problem occurs the customers service is not easy to contact, the shop of purchase is unable to exchange the product when ever you’re having problems with, yet they advertises on TV how good they are. Contact your consumer of trading and standard to complain.

Helpful information tips;

  • News of medical complaints if not happy try and get a second opinion.
  • If you received bad news from a complaint from your doctor, talk to someone a close friend or family member some local town hall may offer free counselling which will help.
  • Feeling lonely and depressed you may seek your doctor for help pay a visit to a local church join a prayer group an uplifting you may received.
  • Who is your minister of parliament (MP) or who is your counsellor check with your local library.
  • To check out PPI phone your banks or building societies direct yourselves and claim what’s owing to you give your details (No! lawyers needed).