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Baker’s Cyst

A swollen leg diagnosed as a Baker’s Cyst

I had a swollen knee and leg and toes with lots of pain. A sack of fluid appeared behind the knee it lasted a few months before it appeared to burst and the leg started to reduce in size,it causes the ankle to turn dark. Do seek doctor advice should this happens to you I had been to A&E with it and was advised it was a blood clot I was given a blood thinning medication.
Two days later – a gel scan revealed it was a Baker’s Cyst.

Bells Palsy

Bells Palsy Health tip - NutmegA simple NUTMEG can be the cure in some cases.

This condition is like a minor Stroke causing facial paralysis. One side of the mouth droops and speech can in some cases become slurred. In the past it was said that sitting in a draught was one of the causes.


One whole nutmeg slightly grated.

Place it in a clean handkerchief or a clean piece of cloth and put it in the effected side of the mouth. Gently moving it around (Keep hold of the handkerchief as long as possible, remove and repeat by doing this the drooping side can come back to normal).

Also grated nutmeg sprinkled into your warm drinks can be quite helpful.

Nutmeg essential oil can be massaged into the areas.

Mummy’s tip –

NUTMEG is a powerful treatment for pain and strokes in some cases.

Cot Death

ALSO KNOWN AS SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME! Through Ocular proof I believe I became a witness to the cause of Cot Death.

For many years Cot Death has been causing great concern. The Medical World does not seem able to identify a specific set of factors responsible for Cot Death.

Researchers in the past have suggested that smoking, breast feeding, sleeping position and mattresses etc., may be factors linked to Cot Death.

However, I believe due to published data on the ‘Back versus the Sides’ sleeping position, that an awareness was created among parents and carers, which may have helped to reduce the risks of Cot Death.

The scope of the investigation into Cot Death needs to be broaden. Methods of research needs to be refunded. During many years of nursing, I one day saw in 1975 from observation of a six weeks old baby how Cot Death can occur. I realised then, that through “Ocular Observation “I may have become a witness to what causes Cot Death.

So therefore, I started observations and research which lasted for many years.

My findings are as follows:-

  • The factors of Cot Death are based on the genealogy of at least one of the parents.
  • This gene is a sort of hereditary transference, with a higher percentage from mothers than fathers.
  • This problem can go as far back as the mothers or fathers parents childhood.

For proof of this:

  • By investigating all parents who have suffered the lost of a child through Cot Death you’ll find they’ve had similar experiences.
  • All these parents may come from different parts of the World.
  • All from different psychological and social back grounds.

Yet, they all have the same thing in common… Cot Death.


There are traumas which mothers and fathers would have encountered long before child bearing age. Can be as far back as childhood days eg :-


  • Physical and mental scars.
  • Losses which effects deeply.
  • Attacks: Involvements:
  • Accidents
  • Abuse: Parents hurts
  • Lack of parents love

Mummys tips - cot deathThings which were seen lived and suffered: and were buried in the unconscious mind for many years. Most of the problems suffered would definitely go back to the childhood or very early adult years.

This tragedy can cause parents to feel guilty and blame themselves not knowing why there babies who were so normal and well just went to sleep and died. Its telling them something is wrong “But What ?” they keep asking themselves.

Please note :- Parents are unaware of the problem factors.

My research showed that Cot Death victims and the crying babies have a very close link.


Quiet babies are more susceptible to Cot Death than the crying babies.

Please note:

  1. There is lots more to know about Cot Death.
  2. Although rare:- This tragedy can also occur in the young adult

Cot Death is a Jig-Saw puzzle to solve.

(With reference to earlier statements on genealogy factors) Researchers should consider placing a larger focus of the investigation towards parents.

Pre and Post Hysterectomy Operation

If you are feeling a little confused by medical advice leading up to and after a hysterectomy, Mummy’s Tips has provided two audio files below to give you expert advice on pre and post hysterectomy care.

Pre-Hysterectomy advice

Post-Hysterectomy advice

Dry Eyes Sufferers

Today a great number of people of different ages are suffering with dry eyes, which is extremely uncomfortable. It can cause damage to the Cornea of the eyes. Which is the thin outer layer of the eye. This can cause blurred vision a cloudiness which of course can be corrected with Medical help.

If your eyes appears to feel sore and dry do the following.

  1. Wash your eyes with warm water and pat dry
  2. Seek help visit your Optician
  3. Most likely a lubricant will be prescribed eg:-Viscotears or teardrops to apply when necessary
  4. Hold a warm flannel over the eyes for a few moments then with the middle finger do a circular massage around the eyes about ten times.

You can also use Evening Primrose oil on the fingertips to massage around the eyes but avoid any getting into the eyes.

Mummy’s tip –

By following the above if helps the eyes to regain its moisture and keep dryness at bay. Results good.

Health tips - Dry eyes

Health tips - Influenza


The Virus which causes Influenza is always changing appearances. Every year we notice a different type of out break. A Worldwide Epidemic or Semi Pandemic.


  1. Sudden Onset
  2. Headache, aching eyes, sore and dryness of the throat, sneezing
  3. Shivering. Aching in arms and legs, the whole body is upset
  4. Temperature eg: 38.5 to 39 degree centigrade
  5. This last for 3 to 5 days leaving the body tired and weak.

Treatment :-

Plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration. Some Paracetamols and a good recommended cough syrup. Some Lozenges and keep cool. If after 3 days and no change seek your Doctor’s advice, just in case you requires more treatment.

Stop the spread:-

  1. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing
  2. Stay away from crowds and busy areas
  3. Ask your Doctor to prescribe a good pick me up tonic eg:- Metatone if you are allowed to take it.

Mummy’s tip –

By taking care results will be good.


Mummy’s Tips has provided this audio file to give you advice regarding autism.

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Mummy’s Tips has provided this audio file to give you advice regarding Diverticulitus.

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